Violence at the Core

Another week, another shooting. This one at a Planned Parenthood clinic, leaving three dead. The shooter, as is so often the case, was a white guy – a European-American – who in this case muttered, “No more baby parts” as he was led away. The reports that Planned Parenthood sold aborted fetuses for cash, long proven to be false, may have pushed him over the edge but that may be beside the point.

He was in a murderous state of mind. And that state is remarkably common among people of European descent.

Where we often site “Islamic Extremists” as being particularly violent, history tells us that those of us who come from European stock are much worse. It’s time we confront this problem and stop assigning the characteristic “violent” to others.

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Hugo Chávez

The United States’ biggest bogeyman dictator remaining, Hugo Chávez, has died of cancer at age 58.  His status as our most feared repressive ruler says something about the state of the world today because by any reasonable accounts he was neither all that repressive nor that big of a challenge to the US.  Even the amount he was feared was greatly exaggerated as a badge of honor by this man of the people.  Yet his passing is extremely important in that it probably marks a new phase in the continuing progress of Latin America.

Why did we fear Chávez, if we did at all?  What will come next?  Most of it has been show so far, but in typical South American fashion it was a pretty good show.  This one may have some lasting and even positive effects.

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