Social, not Media

The Dubliner was packed to hear Tom Dahill play traditional Irish songs most of the crowd knew the words to sing along to.  Some were up dancing a traditional Ceili to one side.  Inbetween the songs and a chance to chat with my girlfriend Liz I bumped into someone working the Social Media scene. We chatted about the craft of this other scene, the one you’re in now, and the changes filtering through.  The setting may not seem important to my profession as a consultant to small businesses in this art, but it was as critical as the message.

Social Media may be a new and developing internet thang, but what remains important is the social, not the media.  I’ve had several conversations recently about the people, not the technology, and the ideas, not the rules of the game.  There is an evolution in the works and it’s one that is worth discussing more widely.

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