Science exists to provide new answers about our world – or at least ask good questions.  The process of doing this leads to new discoveries or perspectives that demand paragraphs of thought be condensed down into handy new words.  That is the natural process that creates jargon.  There are simply times when one word, no matter how strange, is far easier than many.

When the science or philosophy is being used to develop new systems of thought for people – political, economic, or in communications– the use of jargon creates barriers that separate the class of those “in the know” from the masses.  This is sometimes done very deliberately.  But whatever the motive, jargon creates a barrier to entry that prevents new ideas from being properly democratized.  The more social the field of study the more dangerous and counter-productive this is.

Social Media has this tendency, but it is far from alone.  Many fields of practice and study need a team of dedicated and ruthless translators if they are every going to advance and make vital new connections.

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