The French Example

It’s summer, and time to talk national budget!  No, not here in the USofA – we haven’t actually bothered to have a real budget in 3 years or more.  We’re talking about France, a nation with a bold new Socialist government and determination to move ahead into the future.  A future full of socialist visions of strong growth and commitment to reducing the deficit … wait a minute …

The fun thing about Europe these days is that it provides us with endless examples of alternative ways to run things.  By “alternative”, of course, we mean things that are utterly impossible to describe even as they seem vaguely familiar.  Yet, in the case of France, we might be looking at something like the future if we do manage to get a Democratic US House in the next election along with a second term for Obama.  It only gets weird when you think of the left as the responsible ones who are actually trying to make things work.

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