Cat’s Pride

This summer re-run is a sad one.  Since this piece ran two years ago Munchie moved out with his Mom and, just recently, passed on over the Rainbow Bridge from kidney failure.  Like any loved pet, Munch will be missed for both his cuddliness and his mischief equally.  Consider this a tribute to him and all our fur children no longer with us.

Munchie wasn’t a bad cat, but he had a reputation. His name probably came from his habit of jumping up on counters and tables, eating anything that was left out. Bread, crackers, you name it – all for Munchie. When his second or third family were moving, Munchie was handed off yet again. He found himself in his fourth home in about as many years, suddenly  living with cats who didn’t know him at all. They weren’t exactly thrilled. Neither was Munchie, who had a tendency to be crazy all night long, running and yowling.

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