Fight with Funny?

If I learned anything from teevee sitcoms, it’s that summer is a time for re-runs.  Actually, I learned everything I know from sitcoms, which is why I’m never going to get off this damned island.  I hope you like this piece from last year.

What makes something funny?  It turns out that there are many different Humor Theories and none of them are funny.  That may seem like a problem right there, but the irony that you expect it to be funny and it isn’t could be funny if you … Hey!  Wait!

OK, so this duck walks into a bar and asks the bartender, “Why is it so often a duck?” and the bartender says, “Look, if you want to analyze stereotypes you could ask why it’s always a bar.”  The duck shrugs his wings, sits down, and gets so hammered he doesn’t even remember pecking the priest, the rabbi, and the lawyer to death.

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