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People’s Economics, the Fundraiser

If you ask any entrepreneur or innovator what is the most important resource to get a new project off the ground, they’ll probably tell you it’s getting the right people. Making something new and making a good buck off of it requires talent, the skills which pay the bills. Have the right team in place and the money will follow.

This is a big part of what is meant by People’s Economics, or the economy of people. What often limits us in a technology driven world is the techne, the skills necessary to make something happen.

That’s where People’s Economics is today. Help prove the point by donating to a GoFundMe project dedicated to getting the book People’s Economics written by the end of the summer!

The future is theirs. Let’s make it bright!

There are many ways to see how this project has progressed. The most recent discussion can be found here, described in terms of why this is important to me. There are also youtube videos of the discussions held to rave review in December 2015.

Longtime readers of Barataria have been important contributors to making this project possible. The project is a book and a website organizing a decade of research and discussion into a consistent narrative story. It is led by your humble servant, me, assisted by a team including a reasearch intern, graphic designer, and editor.

People’s Economics has the potential to change the world. But it needs your help to support this team.

The goal is to finish the book and launch a new discussion website by the end of the summer of 2017. In order to do this, the team has to be focused on this project full time. Your contributions will make that happen. It’s up to you to help change the world.

For your support the following levels of recognition are available:

$25 – Your name on the supporting discussion website as a supporter.
$50 – The above, plus presentation of a first draft copy for your input into the final project.
$100 – The above, plus a signed first edition when it is printed.
$250 – The above, plus participation in a round-table discussion to be filmed for the youtube channel and listed as a sponsor of the blog Barataria, with over 400,000 pageviews per month.
$500 – The above, plus you will be listed in the front of the book People’s Economics as a patron.

The world is connected. The answer is out there.

The end goal? Nothing less than changing the world as we know it. It’s not as though the world is mysterious, it’s that our attention spans have been dramatically shortened by anxiety, tribalism, and “shiny object syndrome”. It’s long past time to sit down and realize how much we know about the world if only we sit down for a moment to realize it.

What is important? Long ago, the American catechism told us it was “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” That last part is where we fail so often. And we are an anxious, angry people largely because we have taken to believing our own bullshit rather than simply sitting down and thinking. As surely as globalism is Americanism it’s up to the nation which started all of this to lead again.

Up for the challenge? I certainly am. But I do need your help. It’s nothing without you, because after all what is best in life isn’t money, it’s people. It’s you.

Let’s change the world together!

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